• Advanced Water Cooling

The Benchmark Product

Monocool is used everyday by thousands of traders and tech users, to keep cool in the most demanding of environments.

Water cooled trading desk

Efficient heat exchange

Monocool takes the heat load from PCs away from the user and out of the office. Hot air exhausted from the PCs is carefully guided out through the fan coil unit and into the room, away from the PCs and user.


A system that is integrated into your building

Monocool is an effective system that is installed to work in harmony with your space, water flowing through the building is integrated into the Monocool interface allowing your equipment to be cooled efficiently and in harmony with your existing infrastructure.

The fan coil units in the room can run autonomously, or connect them to the network with BACnet to monitor and control remotely.

Tested in a lab

Across all PC loads the user is kept comfortable with no draughts or temperature variation. We use CIBSE guidelines and test independently at the Building Research Establishment (BRE) with over 3kW of heat load.

Trading desk being tested in lab

Origins in engineering

Monocool has undergone rigorous testing in our laboratory with the BRE to ensure that it meets or exceeds thermal demands and standards.

Smoke testing - SBFI
Smoke testing

Integrated heat management

Monocool cools the heat load at the source and the energy transferred to the water can be used for services elsewhere in the building.

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