• Bench desks

Aspect bench desks

The Aspect Bench is our complete technical bench system.  It is the most considered and thought through office product we’ve ever produced.


Clean lines

On the surface it’s a beautiful piece of minimalist design, but under the skin lies best-in-class cable management, screen management and ergonomics.


Sit to stand workplace ergonomics as standard

At the touch of a button you have optional electronic height adjustment gives users the option to sit or stand throughout the day.

FUSE - connectivity


We have taken the hassle out of searching for connections so stay connected with our range of accessories.


This is what we do best. We work with you to make sure we create a beautiful work space solution that is bespoke to you.


Finishes suited to you

We have a full range of finishes for all aspects of your desk. Get in touch to discuss these options with one of our experts.

Pair with storage

Storage can be made to match every other aspect of your workplace. We have a full range suited to the financial industry.

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