• Axiom monitor arm

Axiom monitor arm

The world’s best selling trading floor arm. Axiom is our tool-less monitor arm designed to work seamlessly on the trading floor.

Axiom Monitor Arm
Axiom Monitor Arm

Fitting options

 Moving a monitor to attach to a post or worktop beam is as easy as flipping a switch. No tools, no force, just the glide of a single switch. Different mounting options are available.

Clean cable management

Two specially designed pockets in the center of the arm allow cables to be securely threaded right to the monitor. Route cables directly from the monitor, through the arm, down the post and through the grommet.

Axiom monitor arm

Engineered to last

Joint engineering is critical to arm performance and monitor stability. If the smallest vibration is transmitted through a joint, it can cause monitor bounce. Our joints have zero slack, resulting in zero monitor bounce.

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