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Where it all began

We started our business in 1976, with the belief that every customer and every project is unique. Creating furniture with a deep rooted connection to technology, we have pioneered our market with award-winning products for over 40 years.

Then to now

Today we continue to create new standards, leading the market through future-proof innovations, striving for greater sustainability in our manufacturing, and improving customer service worldwide. We combine design, ergonomics, quality and environmental awareness in everything we do.

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Always pioneering

We pioneered the design of trading desks as technology advanced, by controlling the heat, tidying the cables and driving ergonomic excellence for the users.

Global localised manufacturing

We have staff where you have projects. Our showrooms are across the globe with dedicated staff in each location

Technology meets craftsmanship

We select high-quality materials and design intelligent products which adapt to the evolving workspace; this ensures your furniture will stand the test of time. Our commitment to quality assurance starts from the moment we begin developing a new design concept and continues right through until the project is complete.

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Care and attention

Every desk is hand finished and wrapped by our specialist team ready for transportation.  Our attention to detail is what sets up apart and what makes our furniture and products so successful.

Our commitment to sustainability

Our first step is designing products that stand the test of time; it’s not unusual to see our desks still going strong, in use after 20 years. We are ISO 140001 accredited and member of the US Green Building Council so that we can contribute to your project achieving LEED or BREEAM status.


The environment is important to us so we not only make sure our products are sustainable but also our wood waste at the manufacturing sites. Our waste is used to create usable green energy.



We offer minimal risk to the environment in compliance with all the environmental legislation. We also consider our products life cycle, from using recycled content in the creation to products that can be recycled at the end.

Award winning in house design

Work with our award winning design team daily on your projects to deliver the best results and guide you through the process.

Forward thinking product design

We heavily reinvest into research and development. It is at the core of our solutions and means that our products are always at the cutting edge. Our products are carefully engineered and go through rigorous testing such as thermal, earthquake, ergonomics, strength and emissions to ensure that they outperform.

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