• The Perfect Office Colour Temperature?

    So, you’re amping up your working environment. Whether in a home office or shared space, the colour temperature of light can significantly impact the overall feel and atmosphere.

    Colour temperature measures in units of Kelvin (K); it refers to the warmth or coolness of a particular light source. Like a high-quality ergonomic desk, the right colour temperature can help improve productivity, mood and overall well-being in an office environment.

    So, what’s the magic number? Sadly, colour temperature isn’t that simple.

    Chart showcasing the colours of light temperature


    First and foremost, determine the purpose of the room in question. Different colour temperatures create various effects on human action. Typically, warmer light leads to relaxation – ideal for waiting rooms, kitchens and relaxed areas. On the other hand, colder light improves perception and engagement – great for short bursts of productivity, such as in meeting rooms.

    There is a limit to either end of the spectrum, and you’ll be pleased to know there’s a middle ground where your office comes in.


    What is the aesthetic of your office? What tones pre-exist? Your middle-grounded colour temperature should compliment these tones, not contrast. If you’re creating an environment from scratch, you have an opportunity to harmonise your interior with the outside world: install human-centric lighting. This mimics the sun, reinforcing our circadian rhythms and allowing for better feelings, performance and sleep. However, by implementing such a system, you should factor in the rest of your colour palette for adjustment to cold and warm lighting.

    If you had to pick a static light for your office environment: keep the colour temperature between 4000K and 5000K. Fine-tuning comes down to the colouring of your walls, carpet and furniture. The most commonly picked colour temperature is 4500K – neutral for most.

    Comparison between 5000k and 4000k in a studio setup.

    Take it from us

    For nearly 50 years, SBFI has been specialising in working environments. There’s not much we haven’t done: any finish, texture or shape. However, the overall ‘feel’ changes drastically depending on the quality and temperature of light. It’s the icing on the cake.

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