• Why buy a trading desk over conventional office furniture

    A trading desk is the stable, reliable, and ergonomic answer to your needs, adapted to meet the challenges of the modern workplace.

    SBFI Financial is the leading manufacturer of financial furniture worldwide and our trading desks continue to be used around the world. Whether you are in financial services or a different industry, here are some reasons why you need a trading desk over other traditional sit-stand desking options.

    What is a trading desk?

    We manufacture and test all our designs from the beginning of the process to the final installation, seen here with one of our colleages testing an Aspect desk in our New York office.

    Situated on trading floors of major financial institutions, trading desks are specialised desks that allow intense and concentrated work at a higher level.

    Made to be adaptable and balanced, they are the culmination of progressive design problem-solving.

    Desks like ours have helped professional traders innovate the financial industry, enable businesses to be forward-thinking, make easy moves and changes and ensure comfort and productivity.

    What is so special about trading desks?

    Example of the technology that can be placed into and onto the desk.

    A high-end trading desk is perfectly configured, and ready to adapt further down the line. Many conventional desks are not created to manage complex needs.

    Trading desks are built to handle powerful processing technology that cannot be allowed to fail, with built-in switch boxes and cable management systems, as well as providing stable support for large monitor arrays.

    Established big-name furniture brands do not come with solutions for messy cables and worktops as standard. They offer no protection of critical services from accidental spills or knocked over processing servers and offer no temperature control solutions.

    Whether standing or sitting, a trading desk offers you quick access points with limited workflow interruption and a clear workspace to achieve success.

    You need a desk that can manage any environment, made to improve concentration and performance, keeping you and your tech cool.

    What is it made of?

    Worker making final touches on worktop

    Created with a strong metal frame and durable wooden top, trading desks can withstand the weight of vast monitor arrangements and other technology.

    Sustainably made with quality in mind, a trading desk gives you functionality with sleek design, made to match any office aesthetic and give you the best working experience.

    Aspect Desk visualisation for the modern office

    Is it future-proof?

    Our trading desks still look brand new even after ten years of continuous use. Trading desks are engineered to adapt to future changes in technology, layout or even the users’ role.

    Your business is only as future-proof as what tools and the people you invest in. Choosing a solution that ensures your future operations and gives your employees satisfaction is crucial.

    Having many years of experience, our design and project management team brings you industry knowledge and current design thinking to assist you in creating the desks you need.

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