About EDF

EDF develop and operate in nuclear, gas, electricy & renewable generation. They aim at promoting low carbon technologies and ensuring safe, reliable and affordable electricity for all.

EDF Reception
EDF office

About the project

Their desire was to accommodate the smaller technology, open up the desks underneath, and make the trading floor feel lighter. In addition to the main trading floor EDF also had a large SCADA room that had multiple tower CPUs per user.  The client knew these desks had to be heavier than the main space but wanted the aesthetics to line up as closely to the main trading floor without compromising performance.

EDF Trading floor

EDF Trading floor

Project completion

We provided 480 sit-stand desks in both linear and 120 degree configuration. The 2 SCADA rooms had 10 users per room and were made to matched the main space. The overall project  housed all of their equipment yet had a much lighter feel. We also provided custom fabric pedestals to match the EDF company brand.