• Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo New York HQ

The largest trading desk install in North America in 2019, and the client trusted us to design the perfect solution for them.

modern investment bank
Modern investment bank

An unprecedented move

Well’s Fargo’s unprecedented move has seen 9 floors and over half a million square foot of space purchased, in a move that solidifies Hudson Yards as a true state of the art business hotspot.

About the project

The bank was using very modern technology, however the furniture they were using was out of date and had not kept pace with changes and advancements in technology. The client needed a solution of accommodate their technology and improve ergonomics for the traders.

investment bank

A space that promotes relaxation and collaboration

It was fantastic to be part of a project that promoted collaborative working and staff well being as much as the Wells Fargo New York HQ project.

investment bank

Perfect solution

We designed a perfect solution as we installed 1115 sit-stand trading desks with aluminium trimmed panel work and modular end benches which can be reconfigured. We also provided them with a future proof solution, so any changes in the workplace or technology can now be accommodated with their new desk system.

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