• What do you make of Pantone’s colour of the year? 

    Echoing Pantone’s statement on the colour Very Peri, SBFI equips users and their teams with the blank canvas to be able to achieve ‘personal inventiveness and creativity’, giving users the creative confidence in their work.  

    As a company, we believe in the importance of perspective and expertise that we bring and supporting enterprises to bring forward their new ‘vision’ in 2022.   

    We welcome the opportunity to embrace both the meaning and the ‘colour possibilities’ that PANTONE 17-3938 Very Peri offers, the first colour Pantone has created for their Colour of the Year and can offer clients more scope for variety in both our design and in colour choices in our finishes on our desks. 

    Our vision

    Driving forward innovation with a flexible and forward-thinking perspective, SBFI embraces the themes that the colour Very Peri represents in communication and expressing ideas on a fundamental level. As the digital and physical space merge, SBFI has been pursuing its main mission to bring together the best materials, precision engineered design and carefully chosen colour finishes in every project.  

    In our vision for the future of SBFI, it is more important than ever to help our clients achieve their potential. We create bespoke desks and consoles that are long-lasting and adaptable for the future.  

    Whether helping companies drive economic growth or supporting the emergency services, our work is always tailored to the end user. 

    Very Peri Demo on SBFI designs
    Demonstration of PANTONE Very Peri on some of our desk range.

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