• Desk layout: linear vs cluster

    Which layout is best for your project? What will bring out the best in your users?

    At SBFI Group, we are well placed to help you figure it out.

    While configurations are endless, the two most popular desk layouts that stand out are linear and cluster.

    Linear desks can be placed in any environment, retaining uniformity and functionality even in multi-functional spaces.

    Linear desk layout

    A straight desk formation (sometimes called benching) in a series of even rows set out across the office floor.

    Linear desks layouts are effective for several reasons:


    Space efficient

    Rows usually create the highest density of users for real estate.

    Formal structure

    A consistent, simple structure for your users, even when running a hot-desking system.

    Line of sight

    Each person can see several other team members.

    Large teams

    Those in a large team are close together, good for communication but also for leaders to see everyone’s faces.

    Efficient design

    The linear structure allows for economical placement of facilitates quick moves and changes with predictable access points.

    Clusters can come in different designs

    Cluster desk layout

    Popular in the early noughties, the cluster desk layout has returned in recent years as businesses look to create a softer and more inviting workplace. Arrangements are less formal and have a more creative feel than linear rows.

    Clusters can come in various forms including 120-degree desking, cross/perpendicular set-ups, or minor desk offsets.

    Cluster desk designs are popular because:


    Small teams

    A good line of sight to other users, although less so for larger teams.


    Fun and more interesting place to work for users.

    Breaks up the monotony

    Various cluster designs can exist in one space, adding an element of personality to a formal environment.

    Larger desk

    The desktop feels larger and more luxurious.

    No matter if you have a large space pictured or a smaller space, we are able to take on a project

    How to evaluate what set-up is best for you?

    While there are more set-ups than either linear or cluster, here are three questions to determine what is best for your project:


    Have you got the right space?

    Linear and cluster desk formations both have different space requirements.


    How will well-being and productivity impact the workplace?

    Your company culture plays an important part in the successful adoption of your redesign.


    What is the goal of your project?

    The requirements for a trading floor are different from a back-office position.

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